$500 for Participating in our Study!

Find out more about your broadband connection! Test My ISP, a research project, allows you to do just that.

Sign up today to get a FREE CONNECTED HOME KIT (valued at $100) AND get up to $500 in Amazon gift cards for participating.

All you need to do is plug a small device into your modem at home. It will then run tests automatically to measure and monitor your broadband performance testing things like download speeds for large files or how applications like Netflix or live-stream video games may fare during peak hours.

And as a thank you to all participants in the study that complete the study as required, participants will receive up to $500 in Amazon gift cards within 7 days of the end of the study. This is subject to terms and conditions

About the study

Test My ISP is a research initiative conducted by SamKnows, a pioneer in the field of national broadband monitoring. It’s purpose is to gather independent data about the broadband performance in Canada. It’s free for any broadband customers in Canada to participate in the study. If selected, you will receive a Connected Home Kit. All you need to do is plug the Whitebox into your router at home and it will automatically Test your ISP.

Meet the Volunteers

The Whitebox has shown innumerable delays due to site responses.

I thoroughly recommend the study as it can show up bottlenecks when the data is examined and correlated.


The connection between the ISP provided modem, and the router had dropped to 100 mbps from 1 gbit, and the SamKnows One dashboard made this very clear….. Measurable data on a reliable platform is very helpful. 

There's no downside to the user, no privacy issues and the data is helpful for diagnosing connection issues.


The Whitebox helped me solve internet performance issues. It was an objective and independent referee when I experienced bad service.


How good is your broadband?

We all want to know. Make sure your speeds are as good as your ISP promised and help us benchmark Canada’s broadband industry. We are looking for volunteers to put their ISP to the test.

Free dedicated performance monitoring device

The Whitebox manufactured by SamKnows simply plugs into your router and tests your internet performance at the source. This is probably the most reliable and trusted method of monitoring home broadband performance.

Discover that performance is more than just speed

As ISPs supply faster and faster broadband, it’s likely that speed isn’t limiting the quality of your internet experience. It can be other factors such as latency and application performance, all of which can be measured and monitored on the SamKnows Connected Home Dashboard which all volunteers get free access to.

Is your own home network throttling your internet experience?

Wi-Fi is the most popular method of connecting to the internet in the home. New Wi-Fi standards promise extra speed at the expense of less coverage and penetration through solid walls. It’s not widely understood that the available speed at your router isn’t the same as the available speed on your device over Wi-Fi. SamKnows RealSpeed is designed to measure the difference to help volunteers on our study understand and optimise their own home network.